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i run the label Amoebic Industries. It started as an outlet for my first band but then i started putting other people too.
At first we did custom CDrs and have recently started doing small runs of pro-dubbed CDs and tapes.
i should probably make a website for the label soon instead of just having this page on my own site. Maybe i will.

AMP001: Saigon High Chair Pirates "Pirate Radio"/"Tha Lick" (single, 2002. sold out (even i don't have one))
AMP002: Saigon High Chair Pirates Discography (compilation, 2004)
AMP003: Desert Island Dicks Bring Me the Head of Miles Davis and Other Jazz Luminaries (album, joint release with Glitch City, 2007)
AMP004: Desert Island Dicks Stretch Marks (album, joint release with Glitch City, 2008)
AMP005: Desert Island Dicks The Shades of Jazz to Come (album, 2009)
AMP006: 30,000 Bastards 30,000 Leagues Under the Scene (album, 2009)
AMP007: Desert Island Dicks "Love Will Tear Us Apart" (single, 2010)
AMP008: Aurist Not Here (album, 2011)
AMP009: Desert Island Dicks/Where Woodwose Walk Clearance Sale (split/collab album, 2011)
AMP010: diss1 Sympathetic Detonations (album, 2014)
AMP011: Butterfly Bandage songs to carry in ur pocket as u face to the void (album, 2015)
AMP012: Ship Canal The Housing Estate Sings (album, 2016)

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