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TBC (2016)
51 (ongoing)

Taser Swift (noise + drums, 2015)
"I Knew You Were Treble" (on Swift Noise comp, 2015)

diss1 (rapping, production; 2010)
"Kcalb Elohs" (Satellite High guest verse, 2012)
"Benny & The Crow (diss1's Narrative Collapse mix)" (The Ruby Kid remix + extra verse, 2013)
"Im Loud" (Aurist guest verse, on Cute Out (Pink Flame 3), 2013)
"Used to It" (on EVIL comp, Deathbomb Arc, 2014)
"Who Else Could I Be?" (True Neutral Crew guest verse, on #POPPUNK, Deathbomb Arc, 2014)
"Pop Punk" (True Neutral Crew guest verse, on #POPPUNK, Deathbomb Arc, 2014)
"Distorted Mystery" (Xrin Arms guest verse, on Prognostic Spook, 2014)
Sympathetic Detonations LP (Amoebic Industries, 2014)
Hard Cheese EP (forthcoming, Amoebic Industries, 2016)

Soundcloud (unfinished tracks, old and new beats, stupid remixes, bootlegs)

Desert Island Dicks (management, PR; 2006)
Bring Me the Head of Miles Davis and Other Jazz Luminaries (Glitch City/Amoebic Industries, 2007)
"The House That Crack Built" (on Glitch Village Volume 1 comp, Glitch City, 2007)
Stretch Marks (Glitch City/Amoebic Industries, 2008)
"Nobody Driving" (on Glitch Village Volume 2 comp, Glitch City, 2008)
"Blues for Wingus" (on Tribute to the Fallen comp, 2009)
The Shades of Jazz to Come (Amoebic Industries, 2009)
"Love Will Tear Us Apart" (single, Amoebic Industries, 2010)
"To Mars By Balloon (Rapid Journey by Airship to the Upper World)" (on Glitch Village Volume 3 comp, Glitch City, 2010)
"With Or Without You (extra vuvuzelas)" (U2 ruination, 2010)
"To Mars By Balloon (Aurist mix)" (from Mislaid, 2010)
Clearance Sale (split/collab album with Where Woodwose Walk, Amoebic Industries, 2011)
"Pastor Saide's Warning" (on Destruction Cult comp, Splatterkore, 2011)
"Managed Decline" (on Halloween 2012 comp, Fuck the Polis, 2012)
Theft Is Property (forthcoming, Amoebic Industries)
I Feel Like Dying (forthcoming, Amoebic Industries)

Soundcloud (assorted ephemera)

30,000 Bastards (rapping, production; 200510 (hiatus))
30,000 Leagues Under the Scene (Amoebic Industries, 2009)
"Skeletons" (Scams guest verse, 2009)
"My Vote" (on Certified Banger On the Radar vol. 5 compilation, 2010)
"Microphone Mussolini" feat. Figment (on the Figment album Love H.E.R Madly, 2010)

Shards (production; 2005)
"2 Players & Up (Winner doesn't shiver mix)" (with Yoko, Oh No!; Wayriders remix, from the EP When I Get Low, I Get High, 2005)
"2 Players & Up (ShardsDadaistReorder)" (Wayriders remix, from the EP When I Get Low, I Get High, 2005)

Saigon High Chair Pirates (bass, vocals, lyrics, the odd synth; 20023)
"Pirate Radio/The Lick" single (Amoebic Industries, 2002)
Discography (Amoebic Industries, 2004)